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Here is a bit about me:
An oldtimer, vintage of 1942. Have been a "Ham" since 1972, and enjoy digital modes such as PSK31, SSTV, and CW. Rigs at present are Kenwood TS-570, and TS-480. For VHF/UHF a FT-7800, and also some assorted mobile VHF and HF rigs. My wonderful wife Carolyn (N8ST) and I enjoy playing with the toys! Both of us are involved with emergency preparedness. We do a good bit of "Elmering" of the digital modes. We are always ready to help. More to follow.... Check the pages below. 73

Ruth -

Continuing Hope for God's People
(Commentary on Ruth)
By: Dr. Carolyn Donner, D.Min.

Published by Darda Publishing.
Book is 6 x 9 format 278 pages.
Available in hardback, paperback, and as an e-book
To purchase go to: http://www.donnerstore.org and click on BOOKS in the left column.

This commentary looks at Ruth from all sides so the reader has a much better understanding of the book. It is written in a very readable style, and contains information that will be of interest to the new Christian as well as the serious Bible College student. Included are chapters on the history of Moab ; the history of the Judges; and a look at literature, music and films about Ruth.
The reader will also find extensive charts, maps, and other helps throughout the book, as well as an annotated bibliography, and a verse by verse study of the book of Ruth. The role of the Redeemer in Ruth gives us insight into the role of Jesus as our redeemer.

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